Free Development Potential Report

Free Development Potential Report

At Best Use Real Estate we know that you might be at the stage where you’re toying with the idea of selling, and want information, but you’re not ready for a face-to-face meeting with an agent just yet.

That’s completely understandable.

Calling in an agent is a pretty big step.

Agents can add unwanted pressure and stress to a situation where none is wanted or needed.

Unfortunately, you’ll be wasting your time by getting in one of these ‘generalist’ agents to appraise your property.

That type of appraisal is a generic solution with many limitations.

So we created the completely Free Development Potential Report.

It’s a simple online form for you to complete (just your name, email and property address), then we’ll send back an analysis that includes:

The likely highest and best use for your property

An assessment of development constraints

An analysis of comparable sales of development sites

An estimation of value to a developer

You get the kind of information that most agents haven’t got a clue about (as we said in the eBook, they’re not going to like us for this!)

So if you’re curious about how to maximise the value of your property when you go to sell, please take a moment to fill out the form and we’ll be back to you within 48hrs.

PS: We’ll be conducting a range of comprehensive searches (town planning, engineering, etc) so you can understand the potential value of your property to a developer.

PPS: Our success and reputation is very important to us. You can be assured we’ll never send unsolicited emails, and you can opt out at any time.

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Development Potential Report

You don't need to give us your phone number if you don't want, but the reports can be a bit complicated and a follow call will help you to get the best understanding about your property.