ATTENTION HOME OWNERS: Development sites sell for more with Best Use Real Estate

We thought you should know about the danger involved in not fully investigating the potential best use of your property.

Most run-of-the-mill agents and many home owners don’t have a clue.

Time and time again we see home owners losing tens of thousands of dollars (or even hundreds of thousands) as their agent makes an easy sale to cashed-up developers.

It’s the reason we created our highly-specialised and targeted business.

We create more freedom for our sellers by offering a service that uncovers the best use of your property; which we then strategically market to our database of developers (in addition to the traditional marketing avenues).

It’s a 5 step process you won’t find anywhere else.

Sure, there’s a lot of homework involved. But don’t worry, we take care of all that so you can sit back and plan what to do with the extra cash you’ll be pocketing.

We think you’ll enjoy this more handcrafted approach to selling.

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