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FREE DEVELOPMENT SITE APPRAISAL: “Unlocking Your Development Potential Discovery Session”

Is this you? Are you thinking about whether you might be sitting on a gold mine (so to speak)?

Don’t fall for the generalist-real-estate-agent-sale-trap. There’s a better way. I can help you make an informed decision and show you how to get your property sold for a ‘Developer-Price.”

This is your personal invitation for a no-obligation, confidential, “UNLOCKING YOUR DEVELOPMENT POTENTIAL” Discovery Session.

Hi there,

Chris McKnoulty here.

I’m the key to unlocking the highest value of your property.

Let me get straight to the point…

Times have changed. If all you want is to sell for a regular market price there are a plethora of agents to choose from.

But if you’re serious about discovering the true value of your property and getting it right the first time (you’ve read this far so I’m guessing that’s your plan), then you’ll need more information than just the run-of-the-mill market appraisal. That’s where I can help you.

In this no-obligation and free “UNLOCKING YOUR DEVELOPMENT POTENTIAL” Strategy Session, we’ll be covering the following:

Create a crystal clear vision for the sale of your property and the money, freedom and lifestyle you’d like your property to provide you

Discover what your property is REALLY worth on today’s market to a developer (be armed with a ‘full disclosure’ appraisal and a complete understanding of how the appraised market price was established)

Show you our ‘5-Step-System’ to get you the result you want

Leave this Discovery Session confident, feeling certain about your future, and inspired to turn your property into a money making success story

Frankly, I guarantee you’ll not have experienced such an in-depth consultation with an agent before this… and you can feel relaxed, there will be no high-pressure sales tactics with me (I hate that myself).

So if you’re ready to maximise the return on your property, then we need to talk. You can book your UNLOCKING YOUR DEVELOPMENT POTENTIAL” Discovery Session by any of the contact methods below.

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Looking forward to helping you.


Chris McKnoulty

CEO & Development Site Expert

Best Use Real Estate

PS: If you’re thinking of truly maximising the value of your property, and want something more than just the run-of-the-mill appraisal from a regular agent desperate to get your listing, then this UNLOCKING YOUR DEVELOPMENT POTENTIAL” Discovery Session is for you.

PPS: Please hurry. Because of the personal attention I give my clients, I’m only booking 5 strategy sessions in advance. So to avoid the wait, book in today. The number to text or call is 0412 833 791. Email

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